In the movement for educational equity, why choose consulting as our avenue of impact?

You may not be the best teacher or mentor, but when it comes to consulting everyone has something to offer.
Consulting is inherently diverse, because strategic and creative consulting projects are usually best served by a wide range of skills and perspectives. With consulting, EmpowerED can leverage diversity to produce better results for the nonprofits we work with.
Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible. 
Most college students have been through the education system very recently. At EmpowerED, we all have opinions on the challenges, issues and successes that we experienced in the education system. EmpowerED is our way of making it easier for students from all areas of study to shape the future of education.
Our project methodology leverages teamwork and diversity. 
To meet the challenge of having students from many different disciplines, we have formulated a project approach. Click the button button below to learn more about why our approach is effective.

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