Fall 2017

EmpowerED Consulting began with the philosophy that everyone has something to offer.


We realized that so many of our classmates were passionate about educational justice but hadn’t found a meaningful way to make an impact. This idea of student consulting came about in the fall of 2017. We wanted to somehow connect our classmates who all had the capabilities to make a significant change with opportunities to do just that. And we knew that through student consulting, any college student from any major and background could contribute their unique skills in a purposeful way.

Winter 2018

After we established our initial idea, the real planning started. We brainstormed a name for weeks and came up with EmpowerED. We wanted our name to reflect our commitment to education while giving power to all students to believe that they have the ability to succeed. The next step was to somehow bring in the two essential parts of our organization: nonprofits and students. We started contacting nonprofits who had missions we believed in and were so lucky to start consulting projects with two great education nonprofits for our first semester. For students, we put our name in every online and real-world space we could and attracted an amazing group of passionate and talented students to create our project teams.

Spring 2018

Teams are in full swing with their consulting projects for our nonprofit partners. We are so incredibly excited to help these nonprofits and we are looking forward to seeing what the teams can accomplish!