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Our Approach

We wanted to find a way to utilize each college student’s unique skill sets and perspectives in our fight to help end educational inequity. The method in which we believe we can achieve that ambitious goal is through student consulting.


We decided to focus our work on education nonprofits in particular to help organizations who were already doing great things in education be even better. These nonprofits, who often lack time, resources, and money, can benefit from the free consulting services of a team of college students, each bringing their own way of thought to the table. We realized, that with consulting, since it focused so much on critical thinking and strategy, truly any college student could contribute. And better yet, the diverse backgrounds of the students in the teams would result in diverse strategies and solutions for the nonprofits.

Given the diversity of our members, our project methodology has to be equally capable of structuring divergent brainstorming ideas and converging to a unified result. 

Here's an example of some services we can provide.

EdTech Research
Retention & Recruitment

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