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  1. We believe in students.

  2. We believe in educational justice.

  3. We believe all college student have something valuable to offer.

  4. We believe we can make a meaningful difference by connecting college students, their skills and perspectives, with education non profits.

  5. We believe all students have the capability to succeed, but not all students have the opportunity to succeed.



We are Passionate
Access to quality public education is a basic human right, but because of social, cultural and political factors, not all students receive the quality education they deserve. We are passionate that all students are given the opportunity to succeed, regardless of background.


We are Inclusive
We embrace diversity as a strength and asset to help us achieve shared goals.


We Persevere
Fighting for educational justice is not an easy battle but we are determined to hold ourselves to the highest standard and strive to accomplish our mission.


We Smile
We believe in thinking positively and that change through people is possible.




We do our best to see the world from the point of view of others. We take the time to listen and understand different perspectives because we believe that compassion makes us better people.


We incorporate a variety of creative thought in our strategic process which includes individual and divergent thinking which helps us reach the most innovative solutions.


We take it upon ourselves to seek the knowledge of experts, engage with each other for new ideas, and not be afraid to ask for help.


We are in this together. This goes for both our consulting teams and the organizations we partner with. We will always communicate, help each other, and encourage a positive mindset to reach our goals.

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