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Founded in January 2018, we are a group of dedicated New York University students who want to make our community and the world a better place.



Educational inequity is a widespread problem across the United States, and especially prevalent in New York City. There is a huge disparity in the access to resources and funding for schools in affluent areas versus highly oversized communities - a disparity that continues to strengthen a cycle of social immobility. There are countless debates on how to effectively solve the issue. From federal policies to teacher corps to charter schools, all the proposed solutions are surrounded by controversy.

In this highly opinionated and complicated atmosphere, how can college students get involved and become part of the solution? Many of these young adults have experienced the American education system first hand and have lived through attempts to fix it. They each understand the problem from a unique perspective and by putting these perspectives together, we believe we can create impactful change. We are faced with the task of uniting diverse students, from different disciplines and backgrounds, who are bound together by their passion for education - and this led to the creation of EmpowerED Consulting.

Closing The Distance

These two New York City high schools are only 0.5 miles apart but their difference in the quality of public education has put much more distance between them. 

(Source: US News)


(Source: US News)

More than 52% of US public school students come from low-income families. 

(Source: NCES)

Access to quality public education is a basic human right, but because of social, cultural, and political factors not all students receive the quality education they deserve.
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